Panasonic has just gotten around to releasing their next Micro Four Thirds camera, and it looks awfully familiar! That’s because the GH1 is, more or less, the G1, with added 1080p HD video capabilities.

In fact, it looks as though all the GH1’s changes revolve around that single new feature, which was sorely missed in the G1. But first, about that HD: the camera will record full, 1080p video at 24fps in the relatively common AVCHD format, or 720p content at an buttery 60fps, framed through either the new digital viewfinder or a flip-out, 3-inch LCD screen.
Checking out some of the video they’re demoing, it’s definitely impressive and—other than the depth of field control for sharp subjects and soft backgrounds—indistinguishable from any other 1080p camcorder, at least in daylight—they’re not showing any night footage though.

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