Still House is an emerging arts organization based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York, that is artist run – the perfect place to incubate the next generation of game changers. Home to such artists as Lucien Smith, Jack Greer, and founders Isaac Brest and Alex Perweiler,  POST NEW recently spoke to Isaac about what makes Still House important and what they are doing to be proactive to encourage this next wave of artists out of New York. Read an extract from the article below and check out the full interview here.


Post New: How did Still House come about? What sparked the idea?

Isaac Brest: Alex Perweiler and I were Juniors in college and were surrounded by a lot of young talented friends, some who were studying studio art in school, most of whom weren’t. Everyone was making art just to make it, with no real goals in mind. We felt the need to provide them with a context…an outlet to exhibit that was alternative to the standard step-by-step that most artists go through in order to gain success. We didn’t feel the necessity to wait to be supported, and decided to just support each other.

PN: What makes Still House different? 

IB: Our difference comes more from what we aren’t than what we are. We’ve followed no model and have never tried to fit a niche or become something easily understood. Our priority is just to be, and adapt when necessary. There’s no definitive mission here. We lack in age and experience compared to those who we’re in the ring with. No gallery has this bond between the artists it represents, and no collective allows its artists to speak for themselves as we do. We like how we run things, and don’t mind that others can find it difficult to grasp.

PN: Can you tell us a little bit about the early days of Still House?

IB: No money, no respect, no studios. Working in small bedrooms and making our pieces in the gallery days before the openings during the install period. Improvising every step of the way. Endlessly making mistakes. Being hooligans.

PN: What about the new Red Hook space, what goes on there? 

IB: We have a 7,100 sq ft space on the top floor of a old pier warehouse from the Civil War. In the front we have a gallery and an office/library. The gallery is home to a monthly program of exhibitions. A mix between solo shows of our permanent members and participants in the residency program, as well as group shows curated by Still House artists. In the back, we have 9 studios (8 permanent, one for the resident), a digital lab and a woodshop, as well as a main hall where we work on larger projects and exhibit recently completed works. The space serves as an incubation chamber for all affiliated with Still House.