In 1971, the LA Times referred to Mr. Freedom as “the Andy Warhol of the Fashion World”, and they were fairly close to mark with their commentary. Tommy Roberts, AKA Mr. Freedom, brought a level of commercialism to the British fashion landscape that had previously been unexplored – he was the first to exploit the T-shirt as a fashion item and the first to licence Disney characters on T-shirts – fast-tracking ideas into the mainstream. He also brought the first American burger bar to London: ‘Mr Feed’Em’ predated any McDonald’s in the city. The designer is now the subject of a new book, MR. FREEDOM – TOMMY ROBERTS: BRITISH DESIGN HERO, by author Paul Gorman, which attempts to unravel the story behind the man and legend. POST NEW recently sat down to chat with Paul Gorman about the book and the man himself – check it out here.

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