Music has and will forever continue to help shape and progress the culture of any one sub culture. From Miles Davis, to Malcolm McLaren music has been vital in telling the stories of the time, allowing those without a voice to be heard loud and clear. With the every growing diversity of today we’ve decided to hand the reigns over to a few select music personalities in an ongoing series This Is Noise. The selections will be as eclectic as the DJs themselves.

For our first Mix we present A Silent Flute. For years Nat has created a highly curated portal for his musical taste. He has provided us a with a bit of commentary for the mix Enjoy.


If you’re a dusty balearic wizard, you’ll know many of the tracks on Suede. If not, welcome to the party. The tunes herein are a mix of some of the chillest late ’80s, early ’90s yoga-instructor-approved vibes. Fair warning, those offended by a sprinkling of chill-out cheesiness may need to enhance their listening experience; this is not a “workout mix”, bro-dogs; chilling on the beach necessitates saxophone, spanish guitar, synthetic horn sections and euro-babe raps. “Light and free, for the sake of mystery,” as Linda DiFranco puts it.

Propaganda “Abuse”
This is from their remix album, where they made dub edits out of some of their tunes. Industrial dub studio music, think Lee Scratch Perry meets Ministry.

It’s Immaterial “Driving Away From Home”
One for the road; a bohemian disco hoe-down with an literary agenda.

Linda DiFranco “My Boss”
Linda DiFranco; a rap lyricist on-par with Lil’ B? Look for her euro-rap verse that puts abstract rhyme-sayers to shame.

OMD “Junk Culture”
You might know them from ’80s soundtracks, but you might not know this dubbed out studio excursion with a keyboard choir.

Yukihiro Takahashi “Drip Dry Eyes”
Takahashi was in Yellow Magic Orchestra with Sakamoto and company, then went on to record this Sinatra-meets-Devo lounge ballad.

Ronnie Jones “Captain Of Her Heart”
“Captain Of Her Heart” was a top 40 hit cut by Double in the early ’80s, which Ronnie Jones and the crew then took and turned into slightly more club-friendly fare; the original is pretty much a ballad, this version is more of a down-tempo club track. An under-the-radar cut with a bouncy baseline and drift-away synths.

M-People “Colour My Life (Cuba Mix)”
Too cheesy? Lucky I didn’t put the full vocal mix. This ambling club version of the track was produced by Paul Oakenfold before he became a full-on trance maestro or whatever you want to call that. That said, Paul will never have his balearic card revoked.

Culture Beat “Cherry Lips (Instrumental Magic)”
Europeans making deep house grooves to decent effect. More moody and less groovy than a Chicago cut.