From playground hoop artists to UFC bloodbaths and West African gladiators, Issue Six of sport-based publication Victory Journal (from creative agency Doubleday & Cartwright), offers a lyrical and visual journey through the contemporary world of sports. Focusing on the “eternal glories and ignominies of players and pursuits the world over”, the newspaper-style print magazine eschews mainstream headlines for in-depth and intimate examinations of some of the sporting world’s more intriguing stories. Issue Six looks like it might be Victory‘s best effort yet, with features including Anthony Blasko’s wine-dark photos of a battered Jon “Bones” Jones clinging to his UFC title, David Rathman’s watercolor chronicle of the Montreal Grand Prix, original images and excerpts from Rick Telander’s 1974 basketball classic, Heaven is a Playground, and Alessandro “Zuek” Simonetti’s 11 pages of full color photographs portraying the spiritual clash of wills that is a Senegalese wrestling match. For all that and more, head over here to purchase your copy now.

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