Ever since he linked up with G.O.O.D. Music and relocated to NYC, Pusha T‘s music and music videos have become less I’m-cooking-drugs-in-Virginia, and have taken on a more artsy, Kanye-inspired minimalism. His “Numbers on The Boards” was full of tight, dimly-lit shots of Pusha rapping in abandoned bars and rooftops. “Nostalgia” featuring Kendrick Lamar was shot in one take with both men simply walking through a Los Angeles neighborhood.

But, with “Hold On” featuring Rick Ross, Push returns to the street imagery of his Clipse days, populating the video with the kind of guys Kanye doesn’t hang out with any more, and taking a tour of the trap houses where scary individuals spend their time. And although Push now prefers high-end fashion, the rest of his friends end the video in a parade of R.I.P. shirts.

Get Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name here.