Robin Williams: Comedian & Streetwear Pioneer

Last night we were struck with sobering news of Robin Williams‘ death. His passing was a shock to all those who heard the news — leaving an indelible space in the lives of those close to him, and disheartening fans of the zany character actor whose roles have influenced generations.

What some of his less fashion-inclined fans may have missed in Robin’s turns on stage and screen, was his love of streetwear (see our gallery above). Over the years, Williams had been spotted candidly wearing “cool-guy” staples like BAPE, and the most limited of limited-edition Nike‘s. During the early days in the emergence of streetwear as a force in commercial fashion, Robin was known be a frequent face in the litany of downtown NYC boutiques like Union NY, Nort/Recon, Alife and Bape.

In many ways, Williams’ fashion sense mirrored his exuberant personality. The same wild-eyed emotion and tongue-in-cheek humor that Robin expressed, was personified in the brands that he chose to wear. It’s pretty awesome that he was among the first celebrities to embrace over-the-top menswear, and it makes perfect sense. The streetwear community embraced him as an ambassador of sorts, as Robin was a consumer of the culture before it’s cool hit critical mass.

In his passing we lose an entertainer whose relatability came not just from the quickness of his wit, but also from the humility of his attitude. The curation of his outward persona included casually dressing in clothes which many use to describe who they are to the general populace. In most ways, he was just like all of us.