Building on a repertoire of concert photography, New York- based artist Ryan McGinley presents his latest exhibition, Grids, at Team Gallery. The exhibition consists of three huge grids of individual portraits of fans at concerts. Over the past four years, Ryan McGinley has photographed faces in the crowd at a number of large outdoor music festivals across the United States and in Europe. Many of the pictures are dominated by a single color, a result not of post-production editing but rather the stages’ differently colored lights. The vivid tones further the individual images’ strong emotional tenors, earnest and heart-felt, but never melodramatic. Concurrently, Team’s 83 Grand Street space will house Animals, an additional solo show by McGinley culled from an entirely different body of work. This marks the first time a single artist has had simultaneous shows in both of our spaces.Grids will run from 02 May through 02 June, 2012.