In its sixth year of existant Sang Bleu has become not only a favorite of ours but only a truly progressive publication with a multidisciplinary approach to the exploration of culture. Led creatively by the uber talented Maxime Buchi, issue 6 of Sang Bleu seeks to expand upon the ever growing topics investigated within its pages executed while seeking to blur the lines of what art truly mean once stripped of its classifications and accolades. Guest Editor Betony Vernon, Jason Farrer, Thomas Hooper, and Nicholas Schonberger lead contributions that cover an diverse range of topics spanning bondage fetish, and pieces with Michèle Lamy, Dior Homme stylist Mauricio Nardi, and designer of Givenchy’s infamous “Bird of Paradise” pattern Simon Cook. Sang Bleu 6 will be avilable through pre-order through its dedicated page with production limited to the number of orders received, a move that is smart for a independent publication whom focuses is on a dedicated following rather then mass consumption. To pre-order simple visit the Sang Bleu 6 site.