Saturday Sunday is a new film by US photographer and filmmaker, Tim Moore. The film was shot in Portland Oregon as part of issue 4 of Letter to Jane Magazine, with the idea to further discuss what it is like to live as an artist in today’s world.

Tim Moore discusses this idea in detail in the synopsis (which you can read in full here).

“In talking with friends one time I was asked to explain creativity and what being an artist felt like. The best analogy that came off the top of my head at the time was that it was like being in love with the woman of your dreams, but constantly afraid she was going to kill you. For some reason this idea always stuck with me. The image that you could be in love and everything is perfectly fine, but the thoughts of constantly feeling like your life is in danger would eventually drive you mad and make you lose your sense of reality. When even the most solid of anchors to this life, (a loving relationship) is no longer a believable reality, nothing in this world seems normal. Your relationship to objects, space, and time slowly lose their meaning and you no longer look at the world the same. This sense of torture and detachment coupled with knowing that it only exists in your head while the rest of the world works normally is about as fitting a description of the creative process that I can come up with.”

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