We’re definately not car experts here at SLAMXHYPE, but we were impressed by the customization of these latest Scion cars on display at this years SEMA, not to mention all the familiar names involved in the show. Check out the amazing detail after the jump.

“This is Scion’s fifth year as a SEMA attendee, and it’s arguably their best. Being the younger, hipper, tunier Toyota it makes sense they show up here with six concepts to spark customers’ imaginations. To that end, they’ve brought several fun and outrageous customs from designers such as Mark Arcenal, Eddie Hahm, Drag Cartel, John Pangilinan, Rogue Status, MV Designz, Raging Bull, Blaine Fontana, Kenton Parker, Jeff Soto, and Christian Rado.


There are three xBs, an xD and a few tCs in the official booth alone. Scion distributed three tCs to customizers for the 2008 Scion Tuner Challenge, with the winner to be announced during SEMA. Our absolute favorite is the one done up by Eddie Hahm of “Fast Eddie’s Garage” fame. He took it retro and created an homage to a time when hot rodding meant more than mounting dubs and a bodykit. Fatlace founder Mark Arcenal dreamt up a DTM racer, while John Pangilinan made an even more butch looking tC with his widebody design. Personally, we really enjoyed the most elaborately detailed model, the Ruthless Cartell xD with its completely chopped roof, but it’s strictly for show. The trucklet xDt was pretty novel too. Check out the gallery and pick out your favorite. There’s a full rundown of each after the jump and lots of pics of most of them in the gallery.”



Images & Text : Autoblog.