As the year comes to an end, and Christmas quick approaching. We’ve decided to put together a list of things that we’d like for Christmas, listing 6 of our most wanted items in all areas of SLAMXHYPE’s interests, just in case Santa is online and checking his RSS in his last few frantic days of shopping.

Adam Bryce

1. Adam Kimmel Work Boots.

These are understated and rugged. My style involves probably the opposite of ‘Breaking Necks’, I’m a strong believer in being understated and worrying more about quality. These are perfect.. no one would even notice!

2. Street Machine X Andre Deck.

I’m a huge fan of Mr. A. This deck is a great way to get a hold if his signature art at a reasonable price.

3. Bless Bed Cover.

I have wanted this Bed Cover for years, but recently discovered is still available online at Azita. Bless’ philosophy and conceptual genius is something that inspires me on a whole other level.

4.  Moleskin 2009 Diary.

Every year I stock up on a Moleskin diary and notebooks, this year will be no exception. The best Diaries on the planet.

5. The Stephen Sprouse Book.

Available in January, someone get me a voucher or something! Sprouse is without doubt one of the most influential people in art and fashion’s history, there are already signs that, thanks to Marc Jacobs, 2009 will be a year to remember in the memory of the late graffiti writer and fashion designers honour.

6. Adam Kimmel Leather Bomber.

My favourite designer, and you always need a good bomber jacket, I need a new one, and I can’t imagine anything better than this buttery make up.


James Bryce

1. Keith Haring Book by Jeffrey Deitch

Perhaps the most iconic artist in my view, and the artist who set up the culture as we know it today has been so influential and unfortunetaly more so since his passing away. What makes this more interesting is this book was going to be published before his untimely death by Jeffrey Deitch and Julia Gruen who curated this book.

2. Christopher Wool book

For similar reasons why I want the Keith Haring book, Wool changed the face of history with his artwork and his in your face, achingly simple, deceptively frank approach has become the face of “New York artwork.” This book has been well put together featuring production polaroids and installation photos by Wool himself making this a great prospect.

3. Visvim Elmendorf Leather Jacket

Visvim is one label I can really associate myself with, the uncompromising approach which refines innovation and a fine aesthetic has culminated in this great leather jacket. The aged leather is extremely subtle while the cut is above and beyond completing the piece. I really like the Kautokeino piece but the fur collar is a bit too much for me.

4. Moleskin Diary and Notebooks

Grew up only using Moleskin, and don’t see myself changing so every year I must have the diary and a pack of notebooks to put my ideas down.

5. Fuct Zippo

When you combine two names of such stature you cannot look past this, Erik Brunetti has built a dynasty at Fuct with his well interpretated artwork and understanding of streetwear. While Zippo have there own history which has culminated in something I must have.

6. Incase Powerslider Case for iPhone 3G

While I am not really one for technology, I still rely on notebooks and pencils but I must admit my iPhone has made my life a lot easier. To boast I would really like to extend my collection of Incase items with this great Powerslider Case, the custom engineered lithium-ion polymer battery selling it to me. I would not mind the Fragment piece but this one has it all.


Nick Joseph

1. Odeur 53 by Comme des Garcons
I am not so much a perfume wearing kinda guy, but there are a few that I am especially fond of. The more I think of it, I really only enjoy about 5 fragrances, and 4 of them happen to be from Comme des Garcons (Kiehl’s Musk is the non-CdG one). Odeur 53 is one that I would wear from time to time and it always did the trick for me. Its unique scent is something that never gets old to me and the fact that I never really sense it on others is another bonus. The plethora of aromas exuded from this fragrance has always fascinated me, which is why I placed it on the list, as it never hurts to have a bottle of this on tap.
2. 1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SEL
I used to drive one of these for many years and out of all the vehicles I have owned in my life, this definitely comes in at number 1. It seems like kind of a random car to mention, but owning one in such good condition and the times I had driving it have left an indelible impression with me this whole time. My father is fanatical about German engineering and he has owned a Mercedes Benz from the 50s through the 80s, so it was only natural that I picked up on these amazing vehicles. He hooked me up with one of these 280 SELs when I was younger and it was love at first sight. I used to drive it up and down Pacific Coast Highway a few times a week just because being behind the wheel of this magnificent ride was so enjoyable. Its large V8 engine meant business on the road and its sleek and elongated body made it a really “sexy” car. I used to receive a lot of offers for my car from fellow Mercedes enthusiasts, but I always had to decline as it was pretty much the greatest gift I have ever received. I no longer have this car, but it just so happens that my dad does — hopefully he is reading this right now and decides to hook this up for Christmas!
3. Weimaraner Puppy
We have a 3-year old Weimaraner that I affectionately refer to as, Lard Lad. He is a bit overweight due to his absolute love of eating. We exercise him daily, but his drive for food and mischievous ways always leads to him snacking on any food left out in the open, or sticking his snout into our garbage cans for a quick bite. When it comes down to it, I totally love this breed of dog. Their beautiful coats and comical ways are really wonderful attributes. Lard Lad possesses a preternatural ability to make me laugh, so I think introducing a new Weimaraner pup to the family would be an awesome treat this Holiday season.
4. Junya Watanabe Man Comme des Garcons Levi’s 501
Adam and I engaged in a conversation regarding his denim hunt and it led me to realize that I could use some new jeans in my life, too. I have seen a few pairs that have caught my eye from the same designer recently over at the CdG Guerrilla Store in Downtown LA and over at Carve in Costa Mesa. The pair at the Guerrilla Store are these black 511s with leather lining the inner leg and thigh area and the other pair at Carve are some slim fitting raw denim with nice design details. The problem with those are that I already have enough black and raw denim in those cuts, but when I looked back at our archived posts, I found these and remembered how much I enjoyed their look. I think the wash and detailing is fantastic and the oversized fit is something I can definitely get with. Another nice feature is the plaid lining, as well as the red stitching found in certain areas of the jeans. All in all, I really enjoy these and would love to get my hands on a pair.
5. wings+horns Field Jacket
Here is another great item I recently came across over at Carve and it has haunted my memory since. I already have a couple of nice M65 jackets in the closet, but this one really does it for me. Its heavyweight fleece and slim fit make this a warm and sharp looking jacket. Trying this on and experiencing the quality of this great offering from the Canadian label’s Fall/Winter 08 season convinced me that it is worth the $450 price tag. I have some other wings+horns items in my rotation and they have held up so nicely and I would imagine that this particular piece would be no different.
6. Ann Demeulemeester Lucky Bag
I really don’t own any bags, as I really just make use of my trusty backpack to tote things around, but this bag is definitely something I could see myself appreciating. In all honesty, I would now shell out the dough for it, as I can think of a lot of other things I would rather purchase, but this is a Holiday wish list, and I would be really thrilled if this should make its way underneath my Christmas tree. I think Ann Demeulemeester is amazing and I always enjoy her stuff. Seeing this bag made me realize that I would not mind having something other than a backpack to carry stuff around in. While compiling this list, the last item was between this and a scarf from her, but attaining the scarf with my own money is much more feasible than this, so the bag rounds out my wish list for this Holiday season.
James Wong
1. Common Projects Nylon Training boots
Common Projects has had an exceptional year this year, arguably one of the best footwear collection this season. Nylon, a material that we don’t see too often in footwear was one of the features that I found particularly appealing. Its simplicity and overall shape makes for a very distinct design in a subtle way. Perfect for everyday wear.
2. Herman Miller Eames Soft pad Management.
The reality of being an editor (or maybe just a geek in general) is that you sit in front of a computer alot. Hence it is only  appropriate to get a good chair. I’ve long been a big fan of classic designer furniture, and it was always going to be a decision between the Eames Soft-pad management chair, Eames EA117 and the Aeron, I was convinced initially to go with the Aeron solely for its ergonomics, but I found it too cliche and overly modern. I would’ve chosen the Eames EA117 for it’s slick black and minimal look, but the fact that there are alot of “replicas” of this model was off putting. So i’ve decided to pick the Soft pad management. I guess the deciding factor for this is the comfort achieved with the soft-pads gives it a distinct look thats different from the more popular EA117 while retaining an industrial minimalistic look and its solid contruction means it that I am likely to keep this for a long time. (If i get it for christmas that is)
3. Artemide Tolomeo
I need a good lamp for my desk, again I chose the Tolomeo for it’s simplistic and classic functional design and quality. ( )
4. Wacko Maria Fedora
Wacko Maria has been one of the labels that we’ve follow quite closely this year. A great label with a strong philosophy and a unique biker-inspired vintage Americana appeal. This hat is made of a rabbit fur, available also in black, olive and red. I pick the grey. Good for all round use. Available here.
5. KRUNK Futura Screenprint
FORNAX ALPHA By Futura. unparrallelled style. I would like to own both. But would choose Fornax Alpha if I was to pick one. Available for £525 each signed and numbered HERE.
6. Nike Sportswear Stadium Jacket
This piece has been on my wanted list for sometime now, since seeing it for the first time earlier in the year in the Fall Holiday Catalogue. An exceptional piece in my opinion both in terms of its simplistic design and the use of quality materials, featuring a water repellant Melton Wool Body, and Cow Leather sleeves. Probably one of the most wanted item of the whole list. Take a look at the Fall Holiday Collection Here.