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Kanye Watch: By now you’ve heard the news that Kanye has talked Bret Easton Ellis, the novelist and screenwriter behind American Psycho and The Rules of Attractioninto adapting Yeezus into a movie. We pulled significant strings and got our hands on a leaked page of the script. As you’d expect, it’s insane.

Kanye also went on Late Night With Seth Meyers. It kind of seemed like he was on quaaludes.

Watch the trailer for Hype Williams‘ documentary on Kanye’s Yeezus Tour.


Remember when Larry King and his whole family wore Ed Hardy on a Nickelodeon red carpet? #NeverForget

Leaked Yeezus Script

SlamXGarb: Not everyone looks good in fur, actually most people don’t. Especially these 5 people.

ScHoolBoy Q‘s new album is dark as f*ck, also full of a lot of snare drums and yelling. We reviewed it. Here is the review.


SlamXSounds: Why is no one talking about Kid Cudi’s new album SATELLITE FLIGHT?

When everyone around you is peacocking, sometimes the only way to stand out is to dress normal. New York Magazine unpacks normcore.


Throwback Thursday: who was the first person to rock streetwear in a major motion picture?

What hip hop stars stole their look from Star Wars characters? Spoiler: Rick Ross and Jabba The Hut are one pair.


Rihanna completely won Paris Fashion Week with a fishnet top and obsoletely nothing but a nipple ring under it.

We saw Beyoncé‘s butt in the wildest of thongs.

Buying lingerie for your girlfriend is kind of douchy, but if you’re going to buy lingerie, buy one of these 6 pieces.


Leaked Yeezus Script