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We served up a hot slice of instagram beauty Naressa Valdez for SlamXXX. Try not to spill your sauce.

Keep your feet ventilated this summer with any selection from this roundup of breathable sneakers.

Avoid being a victim of fashion nationalism with any of these choice selections from our gallery of patriotic clothing.



Steve Aoki, Deorro and Diplo’s Freak video may seem like material for the spank bank at first glance, but it’s twist ending leaves a lot of confused boners in its wake.

Kanye must not hold a grudge against the French for the tardiness of his croissant, because he’s teamed up with French label APC for yet another collection.

Our SlamXStyle put together an outfit for the 4th that is sure to make you the flyest guy at the grill.



SlamXSounds brings us an unpatriotic playlist that you might want to mute at the White House picnic.

Pigalle broke news about their new Nike Air Raid collab and we laid out an outfit to match it up with in PairXWear.

Timberland is opening a pop-up coffee shop. A cup of joe from people who make boots may give the term “fresh ground” new meaning.


Throwback Thursday caught some of our favorite artists out there wrapped in the Star Spangled Banner

Kendall Jenner danced in a Givenchy video. Dancing now outlawed in America.

Wonderwall paid a visit to Kaws inner sanctum. Surprisingly none of the windows have giant X’s over them.


Nike gave us two versions of their Solo Slide, USA and Peace. We’re calling this Croc’like shoe the Air Mario Batagli.

Juun.J’s Take on the Adidas Shell Toe looks like it should come with a subscription to the AARP Newsletter.

ASAP Mob showed up randomly in NY last week to inform the public about the amount of hoes they have. Here’s a clue: they have “Hella”.