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The World Cup may be over, but Adidas is putting its money on Manchester as United preps for the 2014-2015 season. Those Ricardo Tisci AF1’s? the ones you had to sell your kidney to get? Now they come in black. You don’t really need a liver. We found a beautiful woman under this mop of curly hair. Lurk on StacyHashh in SlamXXX.


There are a lot of good reasons to check out Uncle Terry’s newest victim model Ashley Sky. Nike is celebrating the first moonwalk with these lunar-printed Airmax Lunar 90s. We looked back on the many collabs of spraycan empresario “Stash” in our Cultivator Profile


For SlamXSounds we dug in the crates and found some of the samples behind Drake’s greatest hits. We came up with an an outfit for “bae-watching” at the beach, in SlamXStyle. Derek Jeter is going from riding the pine, to riding a rocking chair – and Nike got everyone to tip their caps to the Captain.


The Public School x Jordan 1 collab is for friends and family only, at the moment. Theres still time to claim the guys as distant cousins. Nas dropped a video for Represent off of his first [read: best] album Illmatic. It took him 20 years to find the right sunglasses. Derek Jeter’s list of girlfriends reads like a Maxim Magazine cover girl wish-list. We went over the list in Throwback Thursday


10 Deep dropped a collection inspired by legendary reggae label Studio One. All the pieces smell like weed and nag champa. Russell Westbrook got together with Barneys to build a collection. Someone there should tell him to collaborate with a mirror on gameday. Beats by Dre made gold headphones for Germany’s World Cup Team. They will apparently not make German music any easier to enjoy.   RELATED:SLAMXWEEKLY: PARDON OUR FRENCH