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For this week’s edition, we’re doing all-Super Bowl XLVIII-everything.

From big game apparel and halftime show mayhem to Super Bowl ads and women body-painted to be Payton Manning, this is everything about XLVIII that’s worth linking you to.


Silver Speed Apparel At Kith NYC

Nike’s Super Bowl XLVII Silver Speed Apparel has arrived at Kith and it’s as shinny and awesome as the Vince Lombardi trophy.

A$AP Rocky likes to play football with Jourdan DunnCara Delevingne and Eliza Cummings in Times Square.

ESPN unpacked the Janet Jackson X Justin Timberlake X Half Time Show debacle a.k.a. Nipplegate and the story is WAY WILDER than you even think.


Weirdly, these 8 celebrities stole their looks from NFL mascots.

Marshawn Lynch is not good at Media Days

All the best Super Bowl Halftime Shows, all in one place.


The SlamXGarb Super Bowl Edition explains how to wear a Super Bowl jersey without looking like a Bro (hint: avoid using chicken wings as accessorizes).

Rumor has it that Floyd Mayweather has bet $10 million on the Broncos. Like a boss.

This very large-chested woman really loves Payton Manning.


Complex gives you the rundown of 12 Style-Related Events Happening In NYC for the Super Bowl.

Yeah, being the featured artist at the Super Bowl Halftime Show seems like it’s awesome, but Billboard breaks down how it actually helps sell music. 


Esquire asked a modern Mad Man about the formula for Super Bowl Commercial, here’s what he told the magazine.

Because the Internet Gods are good, Instagram got blessed with this picture of Professor X and Magneto dressed as their competing team of choice.

Un-relatedly, soon-to-be ex-NBA Commissioner Mark Stern and the ever-prolific Mark Cuban took this incredibly awkward selfie.


SlamXWeekly: Super Bowl XLVIII, Everything The Internet Has To Offer