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Prophetic poet and Broadway Musical subject Tupac would have celebrated his 43rd Birthday on Monday. We rounded up some of his best collaborations in lieu of pouring out a little liquor.

Father’s Day, passed and the guys at WANP profiled some swag-daddys in their I Am Father video series.

Tony Gwynn, one of the most efficient sluggers in the game, passed at the age of 54.


SlamXStyle: Here’s our guide on how to put together a World Cup-worthy outfit if you’re rooting for the U.S.

Money can’t just up and give you style, and these footballers are evidence. Check out our rundown of fashion-deficient World Cuppers.

Disney starlet Zendaya has been pegged to play Aliyah in a Lifetime biopic. In case you think “age ain’t nothin but a number”, she’s only 17.


SlamXSounds: A lot of international anthems come out of the stadiums at the World Cup. We profiled some of the best.

Some of the World Cups’ finest are as creative with the hair clippers as they are on the field. We check out the craziest haircuts on the pitch.

There’s a release date for the new NWA biopic, but if you trust Dr. Dre’s track record on release dates we’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Ronnie Fieg might have words about this Anteater x Saucony collab.


#ThrowbackThursday: The wizards at Apple follow through on their own predictions with this late 90’s Ad for what has now become Apple’s Siri

Beats By Dre Headphones are banned at the World Cup. I guess that makes sinking a bunch of money into their World Cup Ad seem a little silly.

A new concept shop from Uniqlo lets you take clothes on a test drive before you buy. You break it, you buy it. No — you sauce it, you bought it.


If you’re paying off a ransom with a duffel bag full of cash, we’re here to help you do it in the most stylish way possible. Here are 10 weekenders that will wow whoever caught you in their extortion plot.

If you’re into putting the pedal to the metal heres a list of 2 wheelers that will make you the flyest thing in the bike lane.

Jay-Z has a new non-alcoholic drink on the shelves called “40/40”. Based on the name, we’re thinking it must taste like blunt guts and stripper sweat.

Ace Hotel dropped Vans and Hender Scheme collabs with a very uneven creativity-to-price ratio. Check them out and see if they’re worth the mini bar charge.