SlamXXX: Carol Seleme is a work of art.

When someone mentions the word ‘Brazilian’, our first thoughts are painful waxing procedures and shapely, tanned vixens from South America. Carol Seleme falls under the latter description – but the way she rocks a bikini, we at least know she’s a accustomed to the former.

This Brazilian-with-a-brazilian has moved her fine self north, to Los Angeles – to grace magazine covers, videos, and our dreams at night. Her move to LA, in pursuit of a degree in the fine arts, only leaves us with more to admire – as documentation of her artistic endeavors involves as little clothing as Youtube will allow. Hopefully the budding artist will continue to use both her body and a traditional canvas as means of artistic expression. We’d definitely be down to hit the museum and get our culture on if there was any chance of her showing up.

Check out out more of Carol and her work on instagram: @cadeque.