SlamXXX: Lexie Babbino isn’t your average model.

Very seldom do you come across a woman who is confident in herself, yet genuinely humble. Our friend Lexie B. happens to embody both of these qualities. Lexie took a moment to talk with us about her thoughts on the modeling scene today, and recall a few of her experiences. Small in stature, but filled with a grandiose amount of energy, we would like to introduce you to Lexie B aka @YungLuxx_.

Scroll through the gallery above, and read a few words from her below.

SlamXHype: How did you break into the modeling world?

Lexie Babbino: I wouldn’t necessarily call this breaking into anything; I have a bunch of extremely talented friends who think I am interesting.

SXH: Describe your craziest:
A) encounter with a photographer or B) shoot experience.

Lexie: I’ve been lucky not to have dealt with creepy photographers. I generally just shoot with people I know or relate (to) in some way. It’s not a mean, or bougie, thing. It’s just a preference and comfort thing. I guess the most fun I’ve had during a shoot was my first one with David Zayas Jr. He’s always a blast to shoot with. He’s totally cool with me being an absolute awkward sh*t — he loves it. He captured every sense of how strange and peculiar I truly am. At the same time, he got me to strip down to my bones and show everyone who I was without being ashamed. It’s hard to get comfortable in your skin when everything’s exposed, but he made it the most fun I’ve had to date.

SXH: Do you feel like the internet is helping prospective models break into the industry, or making it more difficult?

Lexie: I believe the internet can do so much – (but) you gotta get out there and meet people. There’s quite a bit of women out there that photograph well, but they’re completely different people when you actually see them out on the street. I think it’s important to put out what and who you really are. I always make sure my photographers never photoshop me into a new person.

Photo Cred: David Zayas Jr. and Sean Dougherty

You can follow Lexie on Instagram: @YungLuxx_