SlamXXX: StaceyHashh — Big Hair, We Care.

If you’re anything like the rest of us, your leisurely drive through the weekend took a wrong turn at the end of Sunday and before you could hit the brakes you slammed headfirst into another workweek. Luckily, we come to you every week with SlamXXX. This profile of the current hottest woman to grace the internet is the sexy airbag to save your precious bits from the mangled remains of Monday.

This week we feature Daisy Espana, aka StaceyHashh, an L.A.-based beauty and the envy of curly mane enthusiasts everywhere. The young lioness has already sunk her claws into the internet with a substantial fanbase clamoring for visuals; and with a name like “Hashh”, we can only assume what some of her hobbies might be. Regardless, this girl puts our heads in the clouds, even if they are only clouds of smoke.

Check her out on instagram @StacyHashh