Somebody Somewhere is a documentary series hosted and directed by Chris Laughter, founder of TheVideoMouse ( Each episode in the series highlights a different culture, viewed from the perspective of “somebody” in tow. Whether this “somebody” is an artist, entertainer, entrepreneur, or just interesting human being, each episode explores the local communities, attractions, and happenings of an area in relation to their interests.

In the inaugural episode of the series, Chris tags along with Jason Angsuvarn, founder of the Jason Markk brand of premium shoe care products (, and his Marketing Director, Ric Salazar. They venture to Johannesburg to participate in Str.Crd, a show highlighting streetwear fashion and culture in South Africa. On their journey the guys link up with brand owners in town for the show, adventure through local food and craft markets, visit a few of the cities’ widely differing neighborhoods, take a trip to the Lion Park to get up close and personal with wildlife, and visit the Str.Crd show to experience what it’s all about.

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