Spike Lee has been tapped to be the creative ambassador for The Chance Nike Sportswear. With a deep love of the game of football and an eye for making beautiful, impactful and energizing images, Spike is the perfect embodiment of creativity and passion for sport.

Complementing Pep Guardiola, Spike serves as the inspirational lead for the creative reporters. He appears here in The Chance Nike Sportswear film and will attend the Global Finals in Barcelona.

4 Responses

  1. eugmir

    nice project – but what if your urban sports pitch never spawned any soccer legends? Do you play in mud?

  2. GeoffieTheKid

    He doesn’t have a home team to support? He’s from Seattle (Sounders) and lives in Brooklyn (Red Bulls)… at least be honest about being a glory hunter and choosing to support one of the best teams in the world.


    Karmaloop’s blog writer plays for a club in Boston, Mass. – y’all should hit dude up for one of these features.

  4. DK

    You have a hometown team to support, Mr Funderburgh. NY Red Bulls. I’m a little defensive about this. Or you could go with the team of your childhood hometown of Seattle Sounders. Saying you don’t have a hometown team so you support Barca makes you sound like some jackass Eurosnob hipster poser.