I recently caught up with Arnaud Faeh from Carhartt for the latest instalment of The Creative World Of Football. I realised I don’t have to look much further to find someone as passionate about the game as Arnaud. It’s Juventus all the way for Arnaud – so see what he has to say about his memories of the game, the players he likes and what he would change about the game.

What do you do?

Mainly, I try to protect and bring forward the Carhartt (WIP) brand.

What part does football play in your life?

I rarely miss a game of my team… When I was a kid, the results used to influence my mood but I’m lucky to support a team where “winning is not important, but the only thing that matters…” Maybe one day I’ll also be involved professionally in the football world.

How often do you play football?

I try to play at least once every two weeks… I hope I can play more often in the future.

What’s you favorite team?


Who is your favorite player?

I guess that somehow all the players who wear the black and white jersey are my favorite players

If I have to name one, Alessandro Del Piero, of course… Nedved, Zidane, Antonio Conte, Davids, Buffon and Andrea Pirlo were and still are my favourite players. Right now my absolute favorite player is “Il Principino” Claudio Marchisio.

If I had to mention a player from another team, I´d say Eric Cantona. I’ve also always had a particular interest in Coaches, I think there are some great characters…

What position do/would you play?

Midfielder, just behind the Forwarders.

What do you think football has taught you?

Well, I guess “loyalty” no matter what happens, I´ll always support and defend my colors

Also, Football shows that if you REALLY want something, and work hard for it, you end up making it, no matter how talented you are players who fight for the ball during the whole game without a pause really inspire me and modernity, therefore creating your own style (in playing) is the key to success. I think there is also great humor in football, especially in Italy, fans can be really funny (teasing) with the banners they bring to the stadium, unfortunately this is something that is disappearing due to the new laws.

How do you take the lessons you have learnt from football into your daily life?

Honestly I don´t know one thing that comes to my mind is the fact that I´m very loyal to the brand, I can´t really imagine myself working for an other clothing brand like a player that would refuse to wear another jersey maybe that comes from football.

How does football influence and inspire?

In my case, football influences my time and my schedule…

What is one thing you would change about football today if you could?

Style, amongst MANY others. “Protesting with the referees” would be forbidden in my club…

What is the best game you have ever played in?

I don´t remember one in particular, any game where I scored were great to me…

What is the best game you have ever watched?

TV : Germany – Italy 0-2, 4.07.2006 Semi-Final World Cup

Live : Juventus – Real Madrid 3-1, 14.05.2003 Semi-Final Champions League. I was so happy that the stewards had to bring me out of the stadium at the end of the game, I did not want to leave.