Dan Funderburgh is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, artist, and wallpaper designer. Born in Seattle, the artist now plays for the infamous Chinatown Soccer Club. We spoke to Dan about football in his life.

What do you do?

I make art and wallpaper.

What part does football play in your life?

A marvelous distraction. I play with the Chinatown Soccer Club and watch far too many games at bars and on the internet.

How often do you play football?

Two or three mornings a week.

What’s you favorite team?

FC Barcelona  –  *I know there are more interesting and obscure answers to this question. I know they are the most popular team in the world. I don’t have a hometown team to support so I’ve opted for the most aesthetically pleasing style. I’m a little defensive about this.

Who is your favorite player?

Lionel Messi  – see caveat above.

What position do/would you play?

Left back.

What do you think football has taught you?

A profound appreciation of Sport. I never thought of myself as especially competitive, but it’s sort of hard to deny.

How do you take the lessons you have learnt from football into your daily life?

I wish I could be smart enough to do this. I don’t know how it translates necessarily. Sometimes I’ll drop a piece of food or something and try and trap it on my foot.

How does football influence and inspire?

I’m very fortunate to play with an amazing group of photographers, writers, and artists who are constantly creating. But the Chinatown Soccer Club also has chefs, producers, musicians, and EMT workers. If there is a inspiration from football, it’s because of the vast diversity of the people that love the game.

What is one thing you would change about football today if you could?

Better kits. There are some decent teams with hilariously ugly jerseys and hideous sponsor logos. I can’t wear that.

What is the best game you have ever played in?

Chinatown Soccer Club vs. H-Town Vienna. I scored a header from a immaculate  Kevin Trageser cross. Career highlight reel stuff.

What is the best game you have ever watched?

Watching Spain eviscerate Russia in Euro Cup 2008.

Finest memory in football?

 The Chinatown Soccer Club set up a clubhouse in Vienna during Euro Cup 2008. Every match was screened amidst a tight packed group fans and friends. There was free beer and a thunderstorm and random people from the street. It was brilliant.