Elgar Johnson is the Fashion Editor of i-D Magazine, a former model and most importantly in this case a massive Liverpool fan, and our latest subject in an ongoing series ‘The Creative World of Football’.

What do you do?

I’m Liverpool fan and Fashion Editor of i-D magazine.

What part does football play in your life?

Football plays a massive part in my life good results equals good mood.

How often do you play football?

I play football once a week soon to be twice.

What’s you favorite team?

My team is Liverpool FC.

Who is your favorite player?

My Favorite player currently is Steven Gerrard but off all time I would probably say Ronaldo the (Brazilian one before he lost it , back in the PSV / Barcelona days).

What position do/would you play?

I would probably play holding midfield role like Marcel Desailly (when he was at Milan).

What do you think football has taught you?

Football teaches you how to be passionate about something.

How do you take the lessons you have learnt from football into your daily life?

Well you always want your team to do and be the best so I guess that crosses over to your own life experiences.

How does football influence and inspire?

Football is a massive influence on everything I do , if you look closely in most i-D shoots I manage to get some kind of LFC reference in (much to the fury of the art director who is a Chelsea fan). But also i’ve grown up with terrace influences I think that shows maybe sometimes too much.

What is one thing you would change about football today if you could?

I think I would make season tickets cheaper.

What is the best game you have ever played in?

The best game I have played in was last night actually, we won 7-5 in the Power League and I scored a Roberto Carlos style free kick.

What is the best game you have ever watched?

The best game I have ever watched was probably the 1996 Liverpool v Newcastle game which we won 4-3 and off course the incredible victory over Milan in the Champs league final

Finest memory in football?

I guess it has to be the seeing Liverpool crowned champions of Europe , interviewing the legend that is Zidane and of course World in Motion by New Order incredible song and a mind blowing performance by John Barnes.