We continue our discussions with our Creative friends about their lives and thoughts around football. We’ve always been fans of Inventory Magazine and love what they have come up with, with Gastwon F.C.

Owen Parrott is the Associate Editor of Inventory Magazine and the Manager of Gastown F.C.

When did you first play or become interested in football/soccer?

I started playing in my youth at about 5 or 6 like pretty much everyone here in Canada. 14 kids swarming around chasing the ball around and eating oranges at half time and the like. I kept playing until middle school when I quit for a while as I was more interested in hanging out with friends than going to practices after school. I started playing again later on in high school though and have been playing on various club sides ever since.

What position did you play?

When I got back into it in high school I tried out at defense because no one wants to play there so that gave me the best chance of getting into the team. Then I made the move up front for a while after that but nowadays I play central midfield where I can control things a bit more, or at least try!

Who did you support as a child? Do you still support that team now?

Growing up in Canada, people always followed hockey first and then the other big 3: Baseball, Football, Basketball. Soccer never really got any attention other than the youth participation. I first started really following it properly in ’98 during the World Cup thanks to the likes of Ronaldo, Zidane, Suker, Henry, Bergkamp etc.. My ancestry is primarily English though so we’ve always followed them closest. So when Michael Owen scored that goal against Argentina, I became a bit obsessed. Not only was it a phenomenal goal, but being a 12 year old having the same name as him seemed cool so he became my favourite player and he played for Liverpool. So that became my team and I’ve supported them pretty avidly since.

Did you parents play a big role in your interest in the sport?

Not in the way that I assume most do, I was never taken to matches as a child or anything like and I didn’t inherit a local team to support through heredity. I guess I owe the start of my playing days to my dad who always wanted me to play as many sports as possible. He’s quite a traditional Canadian in the sense that he’s loyal to the monarchy and the like so I guess that’s in part of where my being an Anglophile comes from as well.

Whats your finest memory of football (playing or watching)?

As a Liverpool supporter, the 2001 season stands out as a highlight with the obscure cup treble — Owen beating Arsenal by himself at the death and the 5-4 thriller against Alaves in the UEFA Cup final. Obviously winning the Champions League in 2005 trumps that and is one of my fondest memories. Playing memories aren’t all that specific though, scoring the odd goal or assisting on them here and there is always fun but they all sort of blend together.

Who was your idol growing up?

Michael Owen pre-Madrid… Steven Gerrard.

Who do you think is the best player in the world today?

It’s hard to argue against Messi or Ronaldo, but they’re the boring pick so I’ll say Pirlo. The way he’s rolled back the years to dominate Serie A at Juve like he did this season and has bossed games for Italy in Euro 2012 so far, it’d be hard to argue against him and his presence.

To answer the age old question…

Maradona or Pele?


Messi or Ronaldo?


Maradona and Ronaldo are probably actually slightly better players all around but I can’t back their egos. I prefer the modesty of Pele & Leo so they’re who I’d want on my team.

Whats been the biggest change in the sport since you were a kid?

The money.

Are there lessons or things you have learnt that you have carried through into your life today?

If I think about it, there are tons of parallels between life and football but I guess it boils down to concentration and effort are what pay off in the end.