Nick Schonberger is a good friend of ours, an Editor at Complex and Tattoo and Culture afficianado – we won’t let the fact that he’s an Arsenal supporter go against him. Nick is the latest to answer our series of football questions.

Who do you think is the best player in the world today?

Messi. But, ultimately my interest in in a great match.

To answer the age old question…

Maradona or Pele?

Pele. Maradona reminds only of hand balls and diamond earrings.

Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi. For many reasons, I cannot support Ronaldo.

Whats been the biggest change in the sport since you were a kid?

People in the US watch it? Seems a silly answer, but it is true. The global game is now truly global and I can watch it without tape delay.

Do you still play at all today? Where and when?

I have a kick about here and there. Nothing serious.

What were the biggest lessons you’ve learnt through football?

I have learned to deal with disappointment. Cheers, England.

Are there lessons or things you have learnt that you have carried through into your life today?

Same as the above really. Life gives you lemons… and sometimes you won’t be able to make lemonade with them, but you will be able to curse another nation without looking overly racist.