In late 2011, Stussy, Teenage Engineering and Low End Theory launched MAKE BEATS, a contest to find the next great beat maker. With over 2000 entries from all over the world, the judges eventually settled on “Belly Beat” by Los Angeles based 16 year old Zack Sekoff. Since winning the contest, Zack has been hard at work on his debut EP entitled “Ancestor’s.” His EP is finally finished and we are happy to share it with you as a free download below. As part of the grand prize package, Zack will be performing at Low End Theory this Wednesday the 22nd. Check out Low End Theory’s Facebook page for more details on the event.

What does the title refer to?
The title is a tribute to my grandfather, who gave me his entire record collection a few years back, and passed away this year. All of the samples on the EP are from his vinyl LPs. It was important for me celebrate those that came before me on my first official release. I feel like my music is equal parts past and future, creating a really exciting present.

Do the symbols in the spelling mean anything?  Were there any special reasons behind it?
First of all: yes, I know that the “‘s” is possessive. But design-wise wise, I like that a lot of it is open to interpretation. To me, the pyramid represents the monuments that our ancestors built, literally and figuratively. It evokes ancientness and strong foundations. Using the “pyramids” of the past as inspiration, I hope to build something lasting and meaningful in my lifetime. The artwork is strongly inspired by one of my favorite artists, Imani Waddy, the founder of Pronounced Love. I hope to work with him in the near future.

What equipment did you use for the recording of the record?
I used Logic and lots of vinyl, as well as the Kaossilator Pro and the Teenage Engineering OP-1. To me, equipment isn’t as important as inspiration. In other words, the pen doesn’t make the writer.

How long did it take you to record?
The songs were recorded between 2010 and just a month or two ago. The thing that took me the longest was choosing which songs to include. I’m glad I didn’t rush it because some of my favorite songs might have never been on the album.

How did you hook up with Thundercat for the collab track?
He’s been a mentor and friend of mine for a few years now. I met him at a Miguel Atwood-Ferguson concert. Since I’m a bass player, he is an idol of mine, so I that night asked him for lessons and he made the fateful mistake of giving me his number! After a long while of trying to get together we finally started hanging out and getting into shenanigans. I asked him to play on my record and he agreed to it. I was so hyped! As soon as he got off tour, he came to the house and knocked out his part on ‘Drowning’ in one take. He is a genius and a hero of mine and I am honored to have him on “Ancestor’s.”

What’s next for Zack Sekoff?
Lots and lots of music. And two more years of high school! You can expect a full length album in the near future with vocals and
production by me. I’m really excited to let people hear some of my rap stuff. I’m going to be doing more and more shows, the first
being Low End Theory on August 22nd with Jonwayne and Goundislava. Playing there is a huge accomplishment for me. In addition, I’ll be making music with Def Sound, Thundercat, Vince Staples, the Log.Os, J*Davey, and whoever else is crazy enough to work with me.

You can find Zack on Twitter and SoundCloud.


Free Download With Artwork

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