Superfuture (or sufu as many forum users like to call it) is one of those sites where many fashion goers have at one stage or another paid regular visits to (including ourselves). Over the years the supertravel cityguides have become a “must see” online attraction where millions around the world plan for their very own “must-see” store/attraction visits, including reviews of over 6000 stores in the 180 featured cities around the globe. Not to mention its Supertalk forum which has grown into one of the leading fashion forum on the internet. As we move into 2009, the folks at sufu have overhauled the site and given it a complete makeover in its latest 4.0 version. Not only is the new version ultra minimalist, clean and simple, they’ve also added an interesting initiative titled the “Supershop” where the users on the supertalk forum have the opportunity to run their very own online store. A great innovative feature which may open alot of doors for many online users. Although they’ve stated that this new function may in reality lead to chaos, I have a feeling that this may be the way of the (super) future. 

Head over to the new SuperFuture site HERE.