#ThrowbackThursday: Jeter’s Girlfriends. Wow.

It takes much to be considered a legend, but retiring Yankee Captain Derek Jeter deserves the title in spades. For the past 20 years Jeter has been swinging his bat in every clubhouse across this great nation, and he’s been shagging in the outfield for as long as there’s been grass on the mound. He’s also pretty good at baseball.

If ever a protective cup deserved to be raised to the rafters, it’s for a tremendous legacy like Jeter’s. ‘Mr. November’s’ gameworn gloves fetch astronomical prices online (we’re guessing because it’s the closest you can get to smelling his fingers). His “stat sheet” reads like the spank bank of a television obsessed teenager, as Jeter has dated some of the most high profile starlets in show business. Even sneaker monolith Nike has made a video tribute eulogizing the loss of ‘Captain Clutch’, with sports luminaries and other figures tipping their caps in tribute to the slugger. (Less publicized is the list of gold diggers who’ve surely tipped their birth control into an open sewer grate over the course of his illustrious career).

For this Throwback Thursday, we take a look back at the amazing list of the uptown swinger’s bed partners. Scroll through our gallery of Derek Jeter’s girlfriends – because even if you don’t like sports at all, you’ve got to admit the man has a hell of a body count.