Photographer Allan Teger presents his series of black and white photographs depicting miniature scenes on the nude body, mimicking landscapes. There is no digital manipulation involved, just carefully placed figures and clever angles. Teger describes the initial thought behind the series: “I remember the moment that the idea for Bodyscapes® came to me. I was thinking that the shape and structure of the universe repeated itself at every level and suddenly I had the image in my mind of a skier going down a breast. this was it – the universe repeating its shapes – a body looking like a mountain. it was also an example of two realities coexisting. the picture could be seen as a landscape and it could also be seen as a body. although they were different, both perceptions were right at the same time. I knew instantly that I had an entire series of images waiting to be captured on film.” The ongoing project started in 1976. Teger also has a book of the work due out in September from Schiffer publishing. (Designboom)