Inspired by the revolutionary Nike+ FuelBand, Dazed earlier this year commissioned Los Angeles-based music producer Nosaj Thing and FAIR, LA – the west-coast design and technology collective led by Julia Tsao, to create FIELD, a global and exclusive creative film collaboration with award-winning Swedish interactive studio DinahMoe. The result is a collaborative online music video, beautifully hypnotic, which reacts to your keyboard and mouse. As you make movement on screen, the visuals follow suit – when you stop, they stop. This reimagining of movement and the live performance as sound and image was inspired by the artists’ time spent using Nike’s FuelBand, the energy metric that measures how active you are, regardless of whether you’re a runner, a basketball player, a skateboarder or even a drummer. Check out the video here, and read Dazed’s interview with Nosaj Thing and Julia Tsao over here.