Lamborghini has officially unveiled designs for its much anticipated “Urus” SUV to debut at the Beijing Motor Show in China. Extensive details have not yet been released – the car will be put into production in 2015 – although we can divulge that Lamborghini promise it will be the most powerful series production SUV on the market as well as the least polluting so far as carbon dioxide emissions are concerned. Let’s see if they stick to their word on that. Boasting just over 600 horsepower, the Ursus lays claim to ‘super SUV’ status, and looks to boost revenue for the car company, who have seen a decline in the number of 2-door supercar sales in the last few years. And in keeping with Lamborghini’s penchant for cattle, the name ‘Ursus’ is derived from a Spanish breed of bull that sits somewhere between fighting size and hauling size. Right on the mark. (via Autoblog)