McLaren Special Operations (MSO) offer a look at a pretty amazing new concept, named the X-1, presented a couple of days ago at The Quail, an exclusive event at the Pebble Beach weekend in Monterey, USA. Based on the company’s carbon MonoCell but with a totally unique body it has been created for an anonymous car enthusiast. Here’s what McLaren had to say about it:

The X-1 is the most ambitious example yet of MSO’s expertise. It has a whole new body made of advanced materials.  Everything is bespoke, even down to the lights and wheels, necessitating new testing and homologation meaning the car took two and a half years to build, a process that began before the styling was signed off.

The X-1 had its own development programme because crucially, this wasn’t to be a fragile concept car that would never see tarmac.  It was to be a usable car, road legal and capable of travelling at supercar speeds.  It also had to comfortably seat two adults so although the 12C was already as shrink-wrapped as it could be from a packaging perspective, the ingenious flexibility of the MonoCell allowed the creation of a completely different form while maintaining the engineering purity of a McLaren.

A full CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) aerodynamic testing schedule ensured high-speed stability, and the car also completed approximately 625 miles of testing including two intensive testing stints at the Idiada circuit in Spain with chief McLaren test driver, Chris Goodwin.  After testing, the whole car was meticulously rebuilt, by hand to concours standard.