The childlike work of Japanese artist Misaki Kawai embraces “heta-uma”, an anime-derived method that risks amateur aesthetics by embracing basic expression. Furry animals, banana chairs and whimsical snake benches make up ‘Love from Mt. Pom Pom’, Kawai’s ongoing exhibition at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in NYC. Kawai employs painting, drawing, sculpture and video in her site-specific show, bringing her signature playful stylings to the museum space. The exhibition functions as a play area for museum-goers, encouraging interactive engagement from children. As part of the CMA exhibition, Kawai was able to hold workshops with students, teaching them a bit of her artistic method—a process-focused, hands-on approach that develops artistic instinct rather than traditional skills. In conjunction with the show, select furniture and decorative elements have just been made available for purchase from Paddle8 through 10 June 2012. (via Cool hunting)