Designer, Sarah Parker, together with photographer, Michael Bodiam, and NOWNESS, have re-envisioned dishes recommended by nutritionist Dan Benardot (who was behind the diets of the USA’s 1992 and 1996 gymnastic team, and marathoners at Athens 2004) for various Olympians. The individual plates typically include between 15-25 portions of food, normally exceeding 2000 calories and feature such delicious items as chocolate milk, peanut butter, bagels, bananas and flax seeds. “Many of these athletes have such enormous energy requirements and they’re so metabolically capable you could practically throw anything down the gullet and they’d be able to burn it,” says Benardot. In order of appearance, the plates above correspond to a male figure skater, female hammer thrower, female 100m sprinter, female artistic gymnast, and male triathlete.