The official typeface of the 2016 Olympic games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been unveiled by the International Olympic Committee.¬†Designed by Dalton Maag, the typeface has been created to reflect the movement of the athletes as well as the shape and form of some of Brazil’sfamous geological and architectural landmarks. It also represents the games’ mission of ‘harmonious diversity’.

“‘Harmonious Diversity’ is seen in the curves, as each one has a unique shape, but they work together as an integrated and unified set. The ‘Olympic Spirit’ and the ‘Paralympic Spirit’ are reflected in the fluidity of the lines, simulating the agility of the athletes’ movements. ‘Contagious Energy’ is also present in the character set, in the different height of the letters, and in the bold connections. ‘Exuberant Nature’ is present in the letters’ overall design, and finally ‘True Engagement’ is present in the creation process, which included the participation and involvement of several different teams of people.”