Before the simplicity of Candy Crush smudged the face of every iPhone across the continents, gamers looked for a portable experience with a little more resemblance to the home system. 25 years ago Nintendo let the little brother to it’s Nintendo Entertainment System, the Gameboy, out of the nursery. The Gameboy took the fun of 8-bit gaming on your living room television and squeezed it onto an LCD screen smaller than a credit card … but, looking back now, it was still pretty damn massive. If this battery operated brick was birthed now, that fat baby would definitely deal with some body issues sitting next to the sleek electronics of today.

For this week’s Throwback Thursday we’re taking a look back at the first GameBoy commercial. We’re treated to a hardcore Tetris battle between a robot comprised of vacuum cleaner attachments, a silver bodysuit and a bucket, and an exuberant teen with questionable taste in denim.

As an added bonus we’ve attached a recent video of some young whipper snappers seeing the OG gameboy the for the first time — which will hopefully make you feel ancient in the process and bring your mortality into question. You’re welcome.