With a host of hit titles like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Rainbow 6 already under its belt, French video game house Ubisoft hopes to tap into all the Snowden-esk hacker hype with its newest installation, Watch Dogs. Nearly a decade after Iain Softley’s cult classic Hackers, the next gen game is yet another landmark in the ever-evolving saga of the hacktivist. The game features a startlingly realistic map of Chicago and stars Aiden Pierce, a tech mastermind turned vigilante, who’s down to hack, blast, and spy his way to justice. If Julian Assange landing Time Magazine’s 2011 Man of the Year wasn’t evidence enough, Watch Dogs is indisputable proof that hacker culture has hit the mainstream: for the next generation of gamers, breaking into a wireless network has all the outlaw swagger of the stealth games of yesteryear.

Limited Edition packs ship Nov. 19 for PS4 and current gen consoles with regular release to follow.