While taking a musical stroll through the internet one day I happened upon an article describing a new progressive movement of Nigerian influenced music that was equal parts progressive African and
modern future sounds; my intrigue was heightened. Upon my dig I stumbled upon the name THE GTW an Chicago based artist with Nigerian roots who had taken his roots and melded them together with the culture surrounding his hometown to form a sound unlike any, one he called Chigeria. With a few more clicks and a whim of a note I found myself speaking with THE GTW and through that conversation birthed the next edition to our This Is Noise series. With a focus on his Chi roots we are given a tour of the progressive Chicago scene through the ears of THE GTW.

Liner Note:
This is a mix of a collection of my favourite records recent records from chicago’s progressive music scene. Most if not all of these people i’m either friends with or affiliated with in one way or another. I would like to call the this Chigeria. Because that’s what it is, a blend of sounds from all different parts of the city. Throw your legs up, or if a few friends are over converse while this soundtracks your evening. Special thanks to Sir Devin Hudson!