So you’ve seen all Bill Murray’s films but still can’t get enough of the cinematic genius.. Thrill Murray is a colouring book – allowing you to have hours of fun colouring in scenes of Murray’s best scenes. The book will be available in August. Illustrators involved Nicholas Stevenson, Anneka Lange, Murray Somerville, Donald Ely, Hattie Stewart, Bridget Meyne, Tobias Hall, Tilly W, Lucy Ketchin, Mike Force, Rich Fairhead, Mary Cheung, Sean Wars, Mary-Louise Plum, Sam Morrison, Logan Fitzpatrick, Catherine Askew, Michael Kilkelly, Brooke Olsen, Chris Arrowsmith, Jonny Packham, Jaypee Murray, James Burgess, Thomas Key and Nathan Dirienzo. You can pre-order the book here.


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