Everyone goes to fashion shows these days expecting to see something crazy, to be wowed with “an experience.” And nobody put on a more entertainingly terrifying half circus, half Broadway show, half clothing orgy (that’s too many halves but you get it) than Hood By Air at last year’s February NY Fashion Week.

Yeah, that was the show where the most androgynous of androgynous models, Boychild, stared down the crowd with icy blue eyes. Where a model did a seizure dance during his stomp down the catwalk. Where the most ripped model of all-time  went shirtless.

It was also the show that featured a — figurative? — Arabian prince and a — literal — A$AP Rocky. In short, it was wild.

Can they top themselves in 2014?

We’ll find out on February 9th at 12 PM, when HBA’s show goes down at Chelsea Piers.


Hood By Air NY Fashion Week 2013