Throwback Thursday

So you didn’t get the XBox One or PS4 you were hoping for this Christmas? That’s too bad. You’ll just have to settle for playing your old system and day dreaming about a future in which you’re as lucky as your obnoxious cousins who’s mother had the hook up with Microsoft and/or Sony.

Take solace in the above picture though: If 2Pac and Suge Knight, two of the most successful entertainment figures in the ’90s, who had women and money and chrome wheels galore, could be so transfixed by Sonic The Hedgehog after they got a Sega Mega Drive for Christmas, you can spend a few more months jumping out of planes, stabbing sharks, and beating up hookers in GTA4.


[via ThisIsNotPorn]

Throwback Thursday: When 2Pac & Suge Knight Got Sega For Christmas