Renowned skater and musician Tommy Guerrero is preparing to release a new solo album in time for fall. Entitled No Man’s Land, the album is highlighted by a combination of Guerrero’s accomplished talent with the guitar and signature instrumental compositions. The album which is a follow up from Lifeboats & Follies, features 15-tracks and No Man’s Land is due out on September 26.

1. The Loner
2. The Gunslinger
3. The Stranger
4. Loco’s Lament
5. The Man Fram Califas
6. Handful Of Hell
7. The Last Stand
8. Sticks Of Fury
9. El Bandito
10. Los Dias Del Oro
11. Phantom Rider
12. Hombre Sin Nombre
13. Duel In The Dust
14. The Viper
15. Specter City

Thanks to EYESCREAM for the info.