VICE interviews London skateboarder Lucien Clarke.

The London skate scene is popping off right now, and through his regular features in bits and pieces for both Palace and Supreme, it could be said that Lucien Clarke is the face of it all. Sweeping overstatements aside, Lucien does seem to sum up both the aesthetic and attitude of skateboarding in the UK right now, so it’s cool to see an interview with him on VICE. The skater shares his thoughts on the skateboarding world as well as a couple of tour anecdotes. Check out the complete interview here.

You’ve said before that wherever you go in the world, you always like coming back to London. You’re back.
Yeah. I grew up here; I started skateboarding here. This is my roots! The spots here are a lot more rugged, and it’s an old city, so the buildings are really cool.

I’m guessing you have a strong connection to Southbank, then?
Yeah, man—Southbank is the heart of London, pretty much. Old Boris saying that it’s cool for us to stay there is great news, innit. It’s been under threat for years, but we’re safe for now. I’ve been promoting it and spreading the word as much as I can—it’s one of my favorite skate spots, man.

What are you up to now, Lucien?
Well, Supra are making a video, which I’ll be filming for—hopefully that’ll be finished by the end of the year. This whole team hasn’t made a video before, so it’s really exciting; everyone having a part is going to be bangin’. Also, Palace are filming a video, so I’ll be doing that. I think it’ll be out in the beginning of next year.