The first major LN-CC book feature of 2013 is built around a rare selection of Walter Pfeiffer books, each signed by the seminal photographer himself.

The Swiss photographer has been producing monumental work since the early 1970’s. Most of this time however was spent working in relative obscurity, and it was only in 2001 with the publication of “Welcome Aboard” that he would begin to gather a dedicated cult following. His work is often compared with the autobiographical photographs of Nan Goldin and Larry Clark, though Walter Pfeiffer’s snapshots of youth are witty and erotic without the lurid tones of his contemporaries. His rough and ready angle, seemingly un-styled, has since become common language within the world of photography whilst his catalogues of beauty that consistently implicate himself reveal a bashful side to eroticism.

To launch the limited selection an exclusive interview with Pfeiffer, conducted by world-renowned book collector Conor Donlon, features today at The interview begins with Pfeiffer discussing his early work and the resistance to his starkly homoerotic visions of beauty. After taking a fifteen year hiatus from photography, Pfeiffer ultimately finds himself gaining global recognition from both the art and fashion world. Read the interview here.