HBO and VICE have released a trailer for their upcoming television series which will debut on the network this Spring. Those familiar with VICE’s international journalism – seen most poignantly in their Guide To… series – will know what to expect, and we have it on good authority that this invigorating content will include political assassinations and child suicide bombers.

VICE co-founder Shane Smith has said, “We are thrilled that VICE has found a home on HBO.” Later adding “HBO is perfect for us because it’s intelligent, independent and bold. We won’t have to dumb things down or put them in sound bites, and we won’t have to shy away from topics or modify our approach. On HBO, we will have all the freedom and creativity we need. HBO is the gold standard of TV, and we want to be the gold standard on HBO. Oh…and we get to swear.”

This promises to be an exciting and insightful series and a welcome partnership between VICE and HBO.