An exhibition with a line-up of artists like this is one you definitely won’t want to miss. The old school Zap-Masters, Robert Crumb, Rick Griffin, S. Clay Wilson, and Robert Williams will share their insanely intricate comic and illustration work of days past in this incredible group showing at Los Angeles’ CoproNason Gallery. Legendary artists that have evolved from the underground art movement of the 1960’s and the authors of Zap comix.

“In the latter half of the 1960s the hippie movement in America was engaged, to a greater or lesser extent, with protests against the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights struggle, anarchism, Women’s and Gay Liberation. Add to this an interest in the spiritual value of taking drugs and of ‘free love’ and you had a thriving ‘counterculture’ against traditional values. For this reason, these new comics became known as ‘comix’ to set them apart from mainstream comics and to emphasize the “x” for x-rated.”

The exhibition opens on the 17th of January and run until the end of month. Take a look at a preview of the artworks below.


S.Clay Wilson




Take a look at more previews of their work at the CoproNason website.