“Ima Read” had everyone from Rick Owens to your local post-everything hipster screaming his name, Zebra F**KIN Katz but since we’re only been treated to a few glimpse of the man until now. We are finally given a proper follow-up in the form of a 30 min bass driven darken corner void inducing set that goes by the name “DRKLNG.”  The project starts off as deep as you would expect from the dance floor general until you get to “Ima Lead”, a Busta Rhymes rendition of Ima Read that elevates the song into a ungodly masterpiece that kinda just has to be heard to understand.  With things warming up outside the world needed Zebra to come super correct to keep things moving and DRKLING does nothing short of keeping the hype alive and well.


Josephine Effect [Produced by Lenkemz]
Pulla Stunt [Produced by Mike Dextro]

Busta Rhymes – Ima Lead [Produced by Zebra Katz]
Y I DO [Produced by Jepordise]
Drk World [Produced by Triple Six Sound Club]

Blk Wiccan [Produced by Paul Devro]
Drk Binder [Produced by Triple Six Sound Club]
LST CTRL [Produced by Mike Dextro]
Alone Now (Cover) [Produced by Mike Dextro]

W2TDS [Produced by Touch]
3rd Dgre [Produced by Deville]

Last Name, Katz [Produced by Mike Dextro]