For this addition of “5 Mins With…” we had the pleasure of catching up with well known buyer Simon Spiteri, best known for launching Liberty’s menswear department back in 99′, along with partner in crime, Jeremy Baron, both whom are responsible for creating contemporary menswear boutique, Anthem . Located in East London, we’ve viewed photos of Anthem’s interior as well as a small video interview with both creators talking about the inspiration behind the store, the brands they will be housing and how both talents came together. We are excited to present a bit more personal, yet brief interview with both Simon and Jeremy in this segment of “5 Mins With…”. In addition, we were given a few more beautiful photos of Anthem’s current interior, photographed by Ross Trevail.


Simon Spiteri & Jeremy Baron

SLAMXHYPE / Location

Anthem, Shoreditch, London

SLAMXHYPE / What’s your favorite thing about where you live?

Simon Spiteri: London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, it follows no one and is constantly re inventing itself.

Jeremy Baron: London has to be the most diverse city in the world, creatively and culturally. It’s a hard place to beat especially when the sun shines!

SLAMXHYPE / Your favorite store in your city?

SS: Anthem of course

JB: Without a doubt Anthem (although I may be slightly biased).

SLAMXHYPE / What are three items you don’t leave home without?

SS: Phone, Money, Keys

JB: Has to be iPhone, keys (home and shop) and wallet but if I could have a fourth it would be a positive attitude!

SLAMXHYPE / What’s your favorite holiday location?

SS: Believe it or not Syria, a wonderfully rich country, such a shame at whats happening there.

JB: Winter location has to be Sainte Foy near Tignes and Val D’Isere in the French Alps. For sun, it has to be Oman.

SLAMXHYPE / One place you really desire to visit?

SS: India/Mid America

JB: Most probably the Andes.

SLAMXHYPE / What are the worst trends around today?

SS: Not really sure I believe in worse, it’s just different, its all part of the rich tapestry whether it be your taste or not. As long as its creative then its fine with me.

JB: Maybe the fact that they exist to follow! But it’s a shame people in the industry like to bash trends, like the heritage thing. It is what it is, it’s a good look but you should just be yourself and if people need to label it then so be it.

SLAMXHYPE / What’s the best thing to come out this Spring 2012 or to date?

SS: The new Kapital collection is simply incredible, the best denim and fabrics in a great take on vintage inspired clothing.

JB: This is hard one, as we are already on to AW12. There are some fantastic pieces in the Dries Van Noten collection – which we are very fortunate to have. I guess, it has to be that our customers are looking for something a little different, quality of fabric, choice and this is something we can provide.

SLAMXHYPE / What’s the must have item for you for S/S 2012?

SS: A 45 rpm indigo jacket and waistcoat.

JB: Anything from the Kapital collection and if I could get away with it, some of the fine knitwear from Dries Van Noten and jackets from Barena Venezia.

SLAMXHYPE / What are you reading?

SS: Not Fade Away by Jim Dodge

JB: Matterhorn by Karl Malantes

SLAMXHYPE / What are you listening to?

SS: The Psychedelic Duke box

JB: The Huey Morgan Show

SLAMXHYPE / What’s the best film you have seen in the last year?

SS: Bit disappointed at this years releases, though I was heavily into Boardwalk Empire.

JB: Rango – only because of the animation or The Guard.

SLAMXHYPE / Your favorite website?

SS: Ready for the House.

JB: Graphic Exchange, there are some extraordinarily talented designers out there.

SLAMXHYPE / Do your parents understand your job?

SS: Not in the slightest.

JB: Not really, but its easier for them to comprehend than my previous job as a Creative Director.

SLAMXHYPE / What is something people might not know about you?

SS: Im fluent in Greek

JB: ‘m quarter Sri Lankan.

SLAMXHYPE / What influences you on a daily basis?

SS: Just the people around me.

JB: The shop, to make it a success and all the people we interact with.

SLAMXHYPE / What will you do after this interview?

SS: Probably fold some Jumpers.

JB: Continue working on our website – coming soon!

Many thanks to both Simon and Jeremy for Anthem and much success in the future.

Be sure to visit Anthem online, as they will be launching their online component in the near future.